Temporary Closures of Linear Park

new rampOver the next month there will be various closures to allow work to construct the new ramp access at Claude Avenue Bridge; the bridge over the GWR main line crossing and surfacing of the remainder of the park down to Bellotts Road will also be completed.

To allow for the new ramp, you’ll see about 40m of trees and shrubs cut down – with replacement planting when the ramp’s built. Will and David are both very pleased that this ramp is being built -it has been asked for by many residents and it will make it easier and safer for parents and children to walk or cycle to Oldfield Juniors.

South of St Kilda’s Road – heading towards the Two Tunnels, the park will be open for general use.

Linear Park – Do we need a code of conduct?

tt bridgeA code of conduct is proposed for users of the Two Tunnels route; part of which runs though Linear Park. Please let us know what you think:

The path offers a great way for walkers, cyclists and the less mobile to get between Bath and Midford and destinations in between. Many young, elderly and disabled people benefit from the path which provides a traffic-free environment to relax and unwind. We all have responsibilities for the safety of others, and if we each follow a few simple rules everyone can enjoy it.

Mobility scooters may use the path. Motor cycles and horses are prohibited.

All Users

  • Keep to the left
  • Leave no litter
  • Respect the privacy of adjoining properties and landowners


  • Cyclists tend to be the fastest movers on the path, which is not suitable for high speeds. If you wish to travel quickly or train for fitness this is better done on quiet roads.
  • Take particular care when heading north from Devonshire Tunnel where the path heads downhill and it is easy to pick up excess speed.
  • Give way to pedestrians and wheelchair users;
  • Be courteous and patient with other path users who are moving more slowly than you;
  • Do not startle other people, particularly those who are frail or who have reduced sight, hearing or mobility;
  • In the tunnels the path width reduces; slow down if space is limited or if you cannot see clearly ahead;
  • Be particularly careful at junctions, or any other ‘blind spots’ where people could appear in front of you without warning;
  • Carry a bell and use it to avoid surprising people;
  • However, don’t assume people can see or hear you – remember that some people are hard of hearing or visually impaired;
  • In dull and dark weather make sure you have lights so you can be seen.

Dog Walkers

  • Please keep dogs under close control and clear up after your dog

Remember – Share the path so that everyone can enjoy it!

See also Cllr Will Sandry’s comments before the opening of the route.

Extra Dog Poo Patrols for Linear Park

Linear Park Warning Aug 13Will and David have received complaints from members of the local community about recent heavy dog fouling in specific areas along the Linear Park.

Cllr David Dixon has asked the Council’s Dog Warden service to increase their partols in the park.

Notices have been put up to remind dog walkers to be responsible whilst using the park and to provide all residents with contact details for the Dog Warden.

You can learn more about the Council’s Dog Warden service by following this link.

Linear Park and The Two Tunnels Greenway

two tunnels opening

Less than a week to go! I’m very excited about the opening of the Two Tunnels project.  Part of it runs through the Linear Park, but is it still the Linear Park or is it now the Two Tunnels Greenway?

Running from East Twerton to Bloomfield it cuts through Oldfield Park and the Moorfields Estate, but unites the community around it. Living in the most densely populated part of Bath, this has been the little strip of countryside on our doorstep since the 1970’s – but what has the Two Tunnels project done for us?

We have lost and we have gained

The major loss for me is the rural feel, the tranquil, and slightly muddy in places; slightly overgrown route now feels a lot more urban with the tarmac path – it’s a lot harder to get away from the City.

This loss is outweighed by the gains. We now have a traffic free park thanks to the reinstatement of the bridges over Monksdale Road and Dartmouth Avenue, we also have much greater accessibility for wheelchair and push chair users and cyclists. From next Saturday of course, it will be a lot easier to get away from the City with an almost level, traffic free short cut to the real countryside; the beautiful green belt to the south of Bath, and the national cycle network.

Linear Park

Whilst welcoming the Two Tunnels Project and the benefits that it has brought us, I perceive the Linear Park section of the Greenway will be the most used. Whilst this is fantastic, it also has the potential to cause conflict between the different users and their different needs and expectations.  For some it will just be a small part of the Two Tunnels Greenway route, for others it will be the Linear Park.

So whatever brings you to the Linear Park and, as is custom in all parks, please do consider the needs of the other park users.

Amazing and Magical

Finally, I would like to express my admiration for the dedicated work of the Two Tunnels Group. What they have achieved is amazing and even a little magical. Looking outside the confines of the Linear Park, “the idea in a pub” is going to be for the long term benefit of our communities – both inside and outside Bath.

Will Sandry

tt bridge

The most impressive (and traffic free) gateway to Oldfield Park!

Oldfield PACT Meeting

Traffic, Speeding and Two Tunnels Project to be discussed at local meeting.

The next community meeting is this Wednesday 22nd August at 18:30 at St. Alphege’s Parish Hall, Oldfield Lane. Members of the Two tunnels Project will be coming to tell us more about the route and the safety

At the last meeeting Apirl the priorities were:

1) Speeding and traffic issues on Monksdale Road (traffic issues in terms of council looking to put traffic calming measures in).

2) Sustrans cycle scheme to come and discuss safety issues with new cycle route at next meeting. Eg. Concerns about the safety of having tunnels, will they be lit, will they be policed etc.

If you can’t make the meeting please email us with any commnets you would like raised.

Monksdale Road Bridge Open

Monksdale First Light - by Mark Annand - www.twotunnels.org.uk

The new bridge opened quietly on the afternoon of Thursday 5th April. This fantastic photo shows members of the community using the bridge in the morning light on Friday.

Will said: “The Two Tunnels project, Sustrans and the contractor; Hydrok have done a grand job for us. This is a great enhancement for the much loved Linear Park.

I’m pleased to see that there has been a massive amount of tree planting and even some semi-mature trees have been planted to help screen the closest properties.

It doesn’t quite beat Beechen Cliff, but there’s a great view over Oldfield Park and into the City and Lansdown from the bridge.”

You can view all our historical coverage of the Linear Park – Two Tunnels story by clicking here.

Monksdale Road Closure

The road will be closed from 7am on Tuesday 20th March until 7pm on Saturday 24th March to traffic and pedestrians.

This is to complete the installation of the new bridge for the Linear Park.

Pedestrian diversions are via Hillside Road / Hiscocks Drive / Oldfield Lane or via Linear Park and St. Kilda’s Road.

The 17 bus will be diverted via Bear Flat and notices have been put on all effected bus stops.

Will has spoken with the Contractors who are not planning to open the road overnight, but may be able to complete the works by mid afternoon on Friday 23rd March.

The New Monksdale Road Bridge

Delivery is scheduled for 22nd March, but the date might change. We will update our website to let you know.

The bridge will be arriving in sections and a crane will be used to put it in place.

The transport route for the bridge and the crane will be from the Wellsway via Bloomfield, Hensley, Egerton, Cotswold and Hillside Roads.

All Parking and Loading will be suspended on the route and Monksdale Road will be closed in both directions.

The closure will effect the 17 bus route and we understand First will be publishing the details of the route change.

Bath Two Tunnels – Monksdale Road Bridge

Works to start constructing the bridge over Monksdale Road on Linear Park will be commencing on Monday 16th January. The works are anticipated to take no more than 12 weeks.

During the works one lane of Monksdale Road directly outside Linear Park will be closed to traffic and a traffic management system will be put in place to allow two way traffic movement on the road.

In approximately 10 weeks time the road will be closed for a maximum of two days to allow installation of the bridge itself (the main bridge structure will be constructed off site and delivered in two halves which will then be lifted into place). When we have a firm date for this to take place we will let  local residents know.

Sustrans (who are doing the work) have sent a letter outlining the above to residents of Monksdale Road. Please don’t forget that some trees are due to be cut down for the bridge to be installed, but they will be replaced!


Linear Park Tree Removal

Will Sandry and Linear Park trees

During the summer, a number of trees are due to be cut down on the Linear Park around Monkesdale Road and Millmead Road.

This is so that the new bridges and access ramps can be installed over those roads.

Cllr Will Sandry said: “Volunteers from the Two Tunnels Project have marked the trees that will be cut down with yellow crosses so that local residents are not surprised when these tress are removed.

Sustrans who are managing the project have promised us that they will replant at least as many new trees as are cut down.

It’s disappointing to lose trees, but I’m happy that the new bridges and ramps will improve the accessibility of the Park for everyone, and with the replacemnt planting, enhance our environment”