Linear Park – Do we need a code of conduct?

tt bridgeA code of conduct is proposed for users of the Two Tunnels route; part of which runs though Linear Park. Please let us know what you think:

The path offers a great way for walkers, cyclists and the less mobile to get between Bath and Midford and destinations in between. Many young, elderly and disabled people benefit from the path which provides a traffic-free environment to relax and unwind. We all have responsibilities for the safety of others, and if we each follow a few simple rules everyone can enjoy it.

Mobility scooters may use the path. Motor cycles and horses are prohibited.

All Users

  • Keep to the left
  • Leave no litter
  • Respect the privacy of adjoining properties and landowners


  • Cyclists tend to be the fastest movers on the path, which is not suitable for high speeds. If you wish to travel quickly or train for fitness this is better done on quiet roads.
  • Take particular care when heading north from Devonshire Tunnel where the path heads downhill and it is easy to pick up excess speed.
  • Give way to pedestrians and wheelchair users;
  • Be courteous and patient with other path users who are moving more slowly than you;
  • Do not startle other people, particularly those who are frail or who have reduced sight, hearing or mobility;
  • In the tunnels the path width reduces; slow down if space is limited or if you cannot see clearly ahead;
  • Be particularly careful at junctions, or any other ‘blind spots’ where people could appear in front of you without warning;
  • Carry a bell and use it to avoid surprising people;
  • However, don’t assume people can see or hear you – remember that some people are hard of hearing or visually impaired;
  • In dull and dark weather make sure you have lights so you can be seen.

Dog Walkers

  • Please keep dogs under close control and clear up after your dog

Remember – Share the path so that everyone can enjoy it!

See also Cllr Will Sandry’s comments before the opening of the route.

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