Linear Park and The Two Tunnels Greenway

two tunnels opening

Less than a week to go! I’m very excited about the opening of the Two Tunnels project.  Part of it runs through the Linear Park, but is it still the Linear Park or is it now the Two Tunnels Greenway?

Running from East Twerton to Bloomfield it cuts through Oldfield Park and the Moorfields Estate, but unites the community around it. Living in the most densely populated part of Bath, this has been the little strip of countryside on our doorstep since the 1970’s – but what has the Two Tunnels project done for us?

We have lost and we have gained

The major loss for me is the rural feel, the tranquil, and slightly muddy in places; slightly overgrown route now feels a lot more urban with the tarmac path – it’s a lot harder to get away from the City.

This loss is outweighed by the gains. We now have a traffic free park thanks to the reinstatement of the bridges over Monksdale Road and Dartmouth Avenue, we also have much greater accessibility for wheelchair and push chair users and cyclists. From next Saturday of course, it will be a lot easier to get away from the City with an almost level, traffic free short cut to the real countryside; the beautiful green belt to the south of Bath, and the national cycle network.

Linear Park

Whilst welcoming the Two Tunnels Project and the benefits that it has brought us, I perceive the Linear Park section of the Greenway will be the most used. Whilst this is fantastic, it also has the potential to cause conflict between the different users and their different needs and expectations.  For some it will just be a small part of the Two Tunnels Greenway route, for others it will be the Linear Park.

So whatever brings you to the Linear Park and, as is custom in all parks, please do consider the needs of the other park users.

Amazing and Magical

Finally, I would like to express my admiration for the dedicated work of the Two Tunnels Group. What they have achieved is amazing and even a little magical. Looking outside the confines of the Linear Park, “the idea in a pub” is going to be for the long term benefit of our communities – both inside and outside Bath.

Will Sandry

tt bridge

The most impressive (and traffic free) gateway to Oldfield Park!

4 thoughts on “Linear Park and The Two Tunnels Greenway

  1. John Dunn says:

    I am concerned about speed rogue cyclists will reach coming down hill from
    Broomfield end. Also concerned about restrictions for dog walkers on extremely important open space for dog walkers. It just seems cyclists are more important than any one else. Also need more access at Mill mead road

    • oldfield says:

      Hi John, I think the cyclists will respect walkers and dog walkers. My hiarachy is walker first, then cyclist, then public transport, then car. This is going to be a great route to walk and cycle. I also recognise how important it is for dog walkers. Re Millmead Rd access, it’s my understanding that like Monksdale Rd ramps were planned both sides of the bridge. Unfortunately in both cases, burried services got in the way and it was not possible to install both ramps – only one at each bridge. Hopefully members of the Two Tunnels Project or Sustrans will clarify if I’m wrong. Will.

  2. Dave F. says:

    I’m interested to know where John Dunn thinks “Broomfield”, the place all these “rogues cyclists” are coming from, actually is. Also what these “restrictions for dog walkers” are. It’s a *shared* path where dog owners have to be trained well enough to call the dogs to heel to allow others to pass *without impediment*. Just as they’ve always had to do.

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