Student Funding – A message from Vince Cable

The Liberal Democrats have always championed our universities. We have long fought for a fair deal for students.

Now in Government we are in a position to turn that campaigning into real action.

The higher education package I am announcing today will promote high-quality university teaching and research. It will guarantee fair access for all, regardless of background. It will deliver a progressive, sustainable funding structure.

The key points are –

1) The poorest 30% of graduates will pay less for university – access to higher education will always be based on ability, not ability to pay.

2) Graduate contributions will be capped – we have rejected Lord Browne’s proposal to allow universities to set charges as high as they wish.

3) Maintenance grants and loans will be improved – almost one million students will receive more overall maintenance support than they do now.

4) Student loans will be extended to part time students – no longer will they be ignored by the system.

Our plans are fair for students, fair for graduates and affordable for the nation. Please click here to read the full details of our proposals.

These plans represent an important first step to improving higher education in Britain and making sure that it remains open to all.

I hope you will join me in the coming months in getting this message out to people across Britain.

Thanks and best wishes,

Vince Cable

PS Click here to find out more about our £7billion education package recently announced by Nick Clegg to give a fair chance for every child.

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