Threat to Moorland Road Christmas Lights

In recent years Christmas lights on Moorland Road have always been provided by the Moorland Road Association, but unfortunately the MRA ceased to exist earlier this year, throwing the Christams lights in to doubt.

Moorland Road is the only shopping centre in Bath and North East Somerset that doesn’t get its Christmas lights provided by the Council.

Will has already been in contact with Council Officers who have now persuaded the Council’s contractor to provide lights under the existing contract, but the existing lamp posts on Moorland Road need to be modified at a cost of £500 each. Will said:

The total cost for the street will be about £6,000 and the Council says it doesn’t have the money for this. We will continute to campaign for the Council to fund this, but we want to hear from residents and businesses who whould be interested in coming together to raise some money to make sure we get Christmas lights on Moorland Road this year.

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