Gambling Act 2005 – Applications to run a Casino in the city open

Previously the Council, as a licensing authority, agreeded to issue a single one premises licence for a small casino within its area pursuant to Part 8 and Schedule 9 of the Gambling Act 2005 and the Categories of Casino Regulations 2008 (SI 2008/1330).

As part of this process the Council has produced a draft application pack for prospective applicants. The purpose of this application pack is to inform potential applicants of the rules and procedures applicable to the application process. It will be published to conform with the requirements set by Parliament and the Secretary of State, and to ensure an application process which is both transparent, and fair. Copies of the documents can be seen on the Council’s web site .

These documents will also be available for viewing at the Council offices at 9-10 Bath Street, Bath during the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Mondays to Thursdays and 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on Fridays.

Please make your comments on the proposed application pack by Tuesday 6th April 2010.
Following this consultation, a report will be taken to the Council’s Licensing Committee for it to consider any proposed amendments and to adopt the documents.

Please send any comments to:

Mr Andrew Jones,
Environmental Monitoring and Licensing Manager,
Environmental Services,
Bath and North East Somerset Council.
9-10 Bath Street,
Bath, Somerset.


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