The air we breathe

The Council is being made to do something about air pollution. We can’t always see it, smell it or taste it but all the vehicles in Bath are creating toxic air for us to breathe. The proposal is to create a Clean Air Zone (CAZ). The most polluting vehicles (petrol older than 2005 and diesel older than 2015) would be charged to enter the CAZ. The cost would be £9 per day for cars and £100 for bus / Lorries.

Our Council Ward is outside the proposed CAZ. This could be good for businesses; more people might come to Moorland Road to avoid being charged instead of going in to the city centre. It could be bad for the area because it could become a rat run for drivers trying to avoid the CAZ. This could increase congestion and pollution. It’s also possible that even more city centre commuters could start parking here.

Whatever you think about the idea of a CAZ, please take a look at the Council website and complete their consultation. Comments on here are welcome, but to be sure of your points of view being registered please complete the formal council consultation.

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