Wansdyke Business Centre – Application Refused

The planning application for luxury student flats at the Wansdyke Business Centre has been refused by the Council’s planning committee today.

Will commented: “People in Bath want, affordable housing and a range of jobs to be available for their young people. They have had enough of luxury studios being built for wealthy international students to fuel the growth agenda of Bath University.

I am pleased that the committee felt compelled to refuse the application albeit for the clear planning reasons of design and conservation of local heritage assets.

I would like to publicly challenge the site owners not to appeal the decision but to meet with the local community. A redevelopment of the site which better meets the needs of local people and conserves and enhances our heritage is possible at the site.

Shaun added: “Both Will and I salute the local community for the passion and determination they have shown in uniting to oppose this application. I would also like to thank Bath Spa University for acknowledging there is already an over concentration of HMO’s in Oldfield Park, and that the application was not appropriate for the area.

It is time to be radical about our planning policies. The universities, and their students are welcome, but not at the expense of sustainable local communities.”

One thought on “Wansdyke Business Centre – Application Refused

  1. Ruth Derrick says:

    Thank you both for your unswerving support concerning this issue. It has been much appreciated.

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