New planning application at Wansdyke Business Centre

Developers have made a new application for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) at the Wansdyke Business Centre.

You can view and comment on the application on the Council’s Planning Portal by following this link.

In a joint statement Will and Shaun said:

“This application does not meet the needs of the community. The Universities are important to the economic success of the City, but we need to see applications come forward that address the housing needs of young people from Bath and their families.

We are disappointed that the developers have decided to persist with a new application for PBSA on the site and have spurned any discussions with the local community.”

Members of the public may like to join the resident led Facebook group Proposals to Develop Wansdyke Business Centre

One thought on “New planning application at Wansdyke Business Centre

  1. Rubi Waterman says:

    I firmly oppose the purpose of this development. This will have a detrimental effect on the community as there is already social imbalance in the area. there is no adequate parking for the purposed accommodation. There is already numerous student cars parked everywhere this is clearly demonstrated during holiday periods when the streets are 50% less occupied. The amount of cars is detrimental to local businesses as customers cannot park anywhere close. There is far too much noise pollution especially during the week when student parties are hosted; as well as huge amounts rubbish scattered all over the streets mostly empty alcoholic bottles which is dangerous. This development is harmful to the neighborhood for multiple reason as listed.

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