Revamp for Monksdale Road Toilets

Monksdale ToiletsImprovement works to the public toilets at the Sandpits play area off Monksdale Road are scheduled to start next Monday, 23rd June.


Here are some of the key features:

  • There will be two self-contained cubicles with the toilet and handwash facilities within each one, and large enough for a parent with a couple of small children and a pushchair to use together.
  • One of the toilets will be DDA compliant, and both will have babychange facilities. A payment system will be on each door, requiring 20p to access (as with the existing Automated Public Toilets).
  • There are no moving parts within the toilet, and the controls, eg flush and handwash are non-touch sensors. The inside is resistant to vandalism and misuse with an easy clean tiled interior and hard-wearing fittings.
  • The doors are linked to both the lights inside, as well as a 15 minute timer, meaning that the toilet lock will open after a verbal warning and 15 minutes occupation (deterring misuse).
  • There will be remote monitoring systems detecting and reporting problems back to Healthmatic enabling rapid response by their engineering, maintenance and cleansing teams, as well as a 24 hour telephone service line.

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