Oldfield public toilets to remain open

Loo roll websiteThe automatic public toilet on Shaftesbury Road (just off Moorland Road) will remain open.

Cllr Will Sandry (pictured) said: ” The usage at this public toilet is very low, which makes it very difficult for the Council to justify the expenditure.

It’s great news that the toilet will be provided for free by the Council’s new Operator, Healthmatic. This will mean that those people who use the toilet can continue to do so, albeit for a small fee.”

The current charge to use the toilet is 20p and will remain at that rate for the time being. The net cost to the Council was previously in excess of £12,000 a year.

Cllr David Dixon added: “The toilets at the Sandpits play area on Monksdale Road was never considered for closure and will be refurbished in due course.”


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