64% say “No” to residents’ parking scheme

For the past six months we have been running a passive straw poll on our website about introducing a residents’ parking scheme in Oldfield Park.

So far, 64% of respondents have said they don’t want a residents’ parking scheme.

Whatever your opinion, have you had your say yet?

Please check out our parking page for more information and complete the Survey on the right side of our website.

One thought on “64% say “No” to residents’ parking scheme

  1. Trevor Fysh says:

    I have never been contacted with regard to a Parking Survey.
    It makes you wonder who these 64 percent are. If , as I have just done, returned home to Herbert road and found no available spaces within three streets,then one might assume
    that the respondents either own an HMO , or do not own a car!
    Come on, its about time something was done for the residents,how about banning students from bringing cars into residential area’s, other university towns have done, but then, it takes balls ! something this council seems to lack.

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