Bath Parking Survey Out

The Council has launched its major parking survey and most households and businesses in Bath (except Combe Down and Odd Down) should have received a letter in the post. The information is also on the Council’s Website.

This survey’s purpose is to understand how the parking available can be best managed as the Council’s vision is for 5,700 new jobs and 6,000 new homes across the city (including the Western Riverside) by 2026.

Parking (and parking schemes) are an emotive subject for many people and resident’s opinions differ individually and on a street by street basis. For residents and businesses in Oldfield Ward we have prepared a Parking Information page. Click on this link or the tab in the page top bar.

Cllr Will Sandry said: “This is a genuine consultation and it is vitally important that the community responds to the survey. The Council will be making decisions about parking and parking schemes based on the responses received.”

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