Good news on Recycling!

Cllr David Dixon - Photo from Bath Chronicle

Over 52% of Household waste in Bath and North East Somerset is now recycled. This is an increase of 6% on last year.

Cllr David Dixon, in his role as the Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said:

“The council’s investment in providing food waste collections is a key factor behind this latest success. We are pleased with the high participation rate and welcome people’s enthusiasm for the service. But we recognise there are still around 30,000 households not taking part and we will be doing more work to encourage higher participation.

“High recycling rates cut the amount of waste going to landfill. Not only does the level of harmful gases released into the atmosphere reduce, but the council’s landfill tax charge bill is cut, meaning more money is available to protect frontline services.”

Read the Bath Chronicle‘s coverage of this story here or in their print edition available in the shops on Moorland Road.

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