Housing Quality on the Agenda

The standard and quality of some Homes in Multiple Occupation has been a concern for some time.

Whilst many landlords are good and responsible, not all are. Usually poor living conditions come about when landlords do not invest in the property.

As well as introducing an Article 4 Direction to cap the numbers of HMOs in the City, the Council is considering an additional licensing scheme to drive up the quality of homes in the private rented sector. This may also be an opportunity to prevent the conversion of detached garages in to bedrooms.

The Council’s Housing Policy and Scrutiny Panel meets on Tuesday to discuss additional licensing. Click here for the agenda (Item 11).

Will, who is a member of the committee said: “I am fed up of seeing students and other young people in my community in sub-standard accommodation, with bad landlords who do not invest in the property. An additional licencing scheme for HMOs has the potential to improve the quality of accommodation in the private rented sector.

If used imaginatively, the scheme could also reduce the running costs of the homes for the residents by making requirements for energy efficiency and  insulation, in addition to the more standard fire safety, decorative order, and waste management requirements”

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