Sandpits Grafitti – Restorative Justice

The offensive graffiti on the shelter in the Sand Pits play area has been removed by the Council.

Our local Police have identified the perpetrator and due to his age, he is eligible for the restorative justice programme. He will be spending time cleaning off graffiti in our local community under the guidance of the Council’s Youth Offending Team.

Local residents will remember that the shelter was provided for the whole community because it was identified as a priority by local residents.

Will commented: “Like many in our community, I was upset to see this abuse of the shelter. I am however pleased that a young person has the opportunity to understand what he did was wrong and avoid a criminal record on this occasion.”

2 thoughts on “Sandpits Grafitti – Restorative Justice

  1. L Moody says:

    The wooden Summer house is still filled with offensive graffiti. Yesterday, I found it full of empty drinks cans. I have even seen a sanitary towel stuck to the wall there. It is such a shame that it is being used so very inappropriately and is actually really unsuitable for children to play in at all.

    • oldfield says:

      Hi Leanne,

      Thanks for letting us know. I’ve asked the graffiti team to take a look – but due the the poor weather it may take some time for them to get there as they need to drive their van across the grass which will be too wet at the moment. Will.

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