Vote for Connect2 and improve walking and cycling in and around Bath

£50 million, four competitors and only one winner. The polls are open. Have you voted yet?
Two projects to create new cycle routes in Bath and Norton Radstock are part of the 79 schemes UK-wide that will happen if Sustrans’ Connect2 wins, so please vote to bring a share of £50 million to our area.

You can play your part in winning the bid by voting and asking everyone you know to vote too. Just a few moments of your time could make all the difference.

You can vote online now at Telephone voting will begin on Friday 7 December. All voting concludes at 12 noon on Monday 10 December. The telephone number will be able on the sustrans website.

Two formerly glorious but long disused railway tunnels will become part of an exciting cycle and walking route between Midford and Bath. There are three opportunities to vote for this project to win the funding – online now, and by landline and mobile from 7 December. All voting concludes at midday 10 December, with the winner announced on 12 December.

The Two Tunnels Greenway Project will create something to enjoy for cycle commuters, families, walkers and tourists from a series of disconnected parts of the old Somerset and Dorset railway, running south from Bath and beneath Combe Down. It will link to the Bath-Bristol cycle path at the northern end and also give commuters from Midsomer Norton and Radstock a pleasant, flat route into Bath from the South.

The project is part of a national project by sustainable transport charity Sustrans and is supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council. Sustrans has battled its way into a shortlist of four organisations competing for the £50 million pot to fund projects around the country, under the National Lottery’s The People’s Millions scheme.

The Sustrans project is called Connect2. If it wins in December, it will see hundreds of miles of walking and cycling routes spring up around the UK – providing extra bridges, extra links – improving travel and reducing our carbon footprint. Two Tunnels is just one of the many projects included in this scheme.

The multi-user path will join Bath and Midford by a virtually flat system of tunnels and impressive overland paths following the existing disused railway. The route makes a wide sweep through Oldfield Park, surfaces in the secretive Lyncombe Vale and finally emerges in beautiful open country at Tucking Mill, before joining the long distance Sustrans NCN24 route at Midford.
The campaign promoters expect the ‘Two Tunnels’ route to benefit businesses, residents and visitors. They believe it will encourage visitors to stay for more than a simple two-hour visit to the city centre, and make more use of what Bath has to offer. It will also secure the future for the impressive railway structures on this famous old route, and offers a chance to make good use of some of Bath’s more under-appreciated assets, reclaiming them for residents and visitors.
However, the route first has to be built, and while much of the work has already been done courtesy of the Victorian engineers who built the railway, it will cost an estimated £1.8 million to complete.

The businesses of Bath & North East Somerset can help by alerting their staff and their clients to this opportunity to vote for something good for Bath & North East Somerset. Organisers are asking businesses to ask their staff and clients to sign up for a voting reminder at

For more information on the Two Tunnels Greenway, see:

For information on Sustrans Connect2, visit:

Oldfield Park Railway Station:- Update from Passenger Focus

The additional carriages leased in to ease the capacity problems created by the timetable change last December are being returned to Northern Rail at the end of this week. Eight units are going back but FGW have leased in an additional 12 units to replace them so they will have more than enough carriages to service the new timetable which starts next Monday. I have been concerned at the amount of short-forming of trains that has been occurring in this area over the past couple of months and have taken this matter up directly with the new Chief Operating Officer in the company. He is fully aware of the issues affecting our part of the route particularly the Cardiff/Portsmouth short-formings which have a significant impact on cross-Bristol routes during peak times. As a result of my intervention, I am hopeful that a ‘spare’ unit will be stabled at Westbury from next Monday onwards to cater for breakdowns or shortages which may occur during the morning peak. This will provide the facility for the ‘spare’ to in-fill if there are problems with the allocated train heading towards Bristol.

I have also managed to persuade the company to strengthen its contingency plan in respect of stopping High Speed trains at Oldfield Park and Keynsham during the morning peak IF local services have failed and passengers are left stranded at those stations. This contingency has been used a lot more this year and I will be monitoring its use as the new timetable unfolds.

What would be extremely useful for me would be if you could report back occasions where you have been left stranded at Oldfield Park due to the cancellation of a local service and then suffered the frustration of seeing a High speed train flying past on its way to Bristol. A short email would suffice and would then allow me the opportunity to make an early challenge to the company as to why the contingency plan was not used. (Note : readers please post a comment on the blog and I will forward to Passenger Focus) Sometimes they may decide not to stop as there may be another local service a few minutes behind it. This is fine as long as there is sufficient capacity on the following train to pick up the total number of passengers waiting at Oldfield Park. If there are occasions where this happens and passengers are left behind then please let me know asap.

Mike Greedy

Passenger Focus

Two Tunnels project to compete on TV for funding

People are being invited to vote for a project to restore the Two Tunnels Path, in Bath, to be awarded a cash boost from the Big Lottery Fund as part of a television show to be screened later this year.

Two Tunnels Path project is one of 79 schemes that together make up Connect2 – a UK-wide Sustrans project .

Connect2 is competing for £50 million of funding that will be given away following a TV programme and public vote. The funding comes from the Big Lottery Fund’s Living Landmarks: The People’s Millions, and in early December there will be a television programme on each of the Living Landmarks projects competing to win the £50 million.

At the end of the week the telephone lines will open, and then everyone will get the chance to vote and help to make Two Tunnels a reality.

The Council and local councillors Will Sandry and Shaun McGall are working closely with Sustrans, the charity behind the Connect2 project, to ensure as much local support as possible.

Below is a link that takes you to a registration form – please do enter your email and mobile number so that you can be informed of when the TV programme will be shown and the number to phone to vote for Connect2. Your details will only be used to give you this information, and because the vote may be at a weekend, your asked to provide your mobile number if possible. You will no be charged for any texts sent to your phone regarding Connect2.